International Blaise Pascal Centre
(CIBP : Centre International Blaise Pascal)



Address of the C.I.B.P.: "Bibliothèque Municipale et Interuniversitaire de Clermont-Fd" (Municipal and University Library), 1, boulevard Lafayette, 63000 Clermont-Fd, Fr.

Sponsors: Clermont-Ferrand municipal authorities and University Blaise Pascal (Clermont II).

Through various research media and publication, it aims at promoting knowledge of Blaise Pascal, both the man himself and the world-wide impact of his works, and at organizing and unifying biographical and other types of research. Conferences, lectures and exhibitions are being organized. A C.I.B.P. Newsletter is published annually (Courrier du Centre International Blaise Pascal) reporting on the research by the Pascal specialists.

The C.I.B.P. team includes the specialists of the University of Clermont-Fd. It is one of the teams belonging to the C.E.R.H.A.C., and is in charge of the research strategy concerning Pascal in Clermont-Fd.

The C.I.B.P. is backed by an international network of over 200 corresponding members - united as the "Association des Amis et Correspondants du Centre International Blaise Pascal".


Dominique DESCOTES
Director of research
19, rue de Crouël
63000 Clermont-Ferrand - Fr

Tel : (33)


Véronique PRADIER
Librarian of CIBP
Bibliothèque - 1, boulevard Lafayette
63000 Clermont-Ferrand - Fr

Tel : (33)

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